Origin of EDWARD’S

   Speaking of Edward in Britain, the Duke is so famous that it refers to Edward VII. Although his tenure was relatively short, ten years, his extensive experience not only left a significant mark on British diplomacy, but also had a significant impact on fashionable society at the time.

   He monopolized the popularity of fashionable society under the King of Edward name,.And also showed interest in dress and created a fashion epoch. More than anything else, the social outfits of those days were still missed by Edwardians.

   There is another person who was made a fuss with Dandy in Britain. Edward VIII, the grandson of Edward VII, was that person. At the same time he reigned during the Crown Prince, he created a number of alternative fashion. One of the typical ways to wear a tie is called Windsor Knot, which is also one of the original ideas of Dandy by Duke.

   A pronoun meaning ''EDWARD'S'', which is closely related to men's fashion, symbolized our fashion policy and decided on the company name from the King ''EDWARD''. ,

About us

NameEDWARD’S Co., Inc.
PresidentSatou Kouji
EstablishmentMay 1963
Business descriptionMen's clothing sales at department stores nationwide
Main bankMitsubishi UFJ Bank Nishi-Shinsaibashi Branch
Head office location〒550-0005
Interlinks Nishihonmachi Building 2-41 Nishihonmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi
TEL06-6538-0291 (charge: Araki)

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