1963 year
EDWARD'S was born
An incident that changed the history of young people occurred and Edwards was born. Under the policy of “products that focus on quality,” discover new brands cultivated in tradition
1965 year
Fall / Winter Edwards New Line presentation. The first Ginza street show in Japan. Calls a great response.
1970 year
Shop “MARKET ONE” opens on Ginza Miyuki Street. In response to similar fashion, establish interior and product designs suitable for being a leader in the fashion world. L'UOMO VOGE (Italy) Edwards products were also posted.
Around this time, many products similar to Edwards products came to market. In addition, take a picture to dismantle the young men's section and advance to the men's suit section corner.
EDWARD’S W-front suit is in the spotlight again.
The bubble economy collapsed, and the suit style shifted. Influence management. At this time, starting with Yokohama Takashimaya, the company not only did business with Nagoya, but also expanded into Takashimaya in the Tokyo area. Takes the spotlight again.
2011 year
"Osaka Hankyu Men's Building" OPEN
With a growing number of companies formulating a market strategy for this generation, new stores will be opened at Hankyu Men's Building in Osaka
2012 year
"Tokyo Hankyu Men's Building" OPEN
The year Abe Cabinet revived. Promote reforms under the name of Abenomics with the slogan of escaping from deflation. With more companies launching, opening new stores in Hankyu Men's Building in Osaka
2013 year
EDWARD’S 50th anniversary
About half a century since its foundation in 1963, it celebrates its 50th anniversary. This year, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will be held, and "OMOTENASHI" will be a buzzword in Japanese culture.
2020 year
"Abeno Harukas Kintetsu store" OPEN
Opened as "Edward’s select". The year changes from Heisei to Reiwa, the year when the Tokyo Olympics are held. Introducing a new breeze into EDWARD'S, a year of change that will be a new challenge.

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